Over the course of his long career, Sid Fly
has earned the acclaim of numerous
publications and venues. He has performed
all over the world throughout his career,
which began back in 1974 when he was
hired to perform at the Melting Pot
Restaurant in Sonoma, California.  It was only
a matter of time before he would make his

He has been playing the guitar for 38 years,
the last 30 years professionally.  His
wide-ranging style reflects the musical
climates of his background.  As a young
child he spent some four years in Mexico,
where his father was assigned.  He speaks
Spanish fluently, and the Spanish traditions
surface in his music.  

His family moved to California, and sun and
surf contribute to his style - as does a three
year stint in Alaska.  Playing in beautiful Lake
Tahoe for two years also contributed to his
style, a style that draws on  Latin, Country,
and Soft Rock.

Fly's songs have had a profound influence
on both songwriters and music lovers of all
generations and from all walks of life. His
wonderful voice is a strong base for musical
collages he has written. His guitar playing
has established its own standard amongst
his peers.

Having returned to his Texas roots, Sid
currently resides in South Texas with his
wife, and their four children.
Mark Foshee, Sid Fly, “Little” Larry and Ron Knuth